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  • On 29th March 2015

Some ArtRageous Behavior!

I have often sung the praises of ArtRage. For artists interested in achieving a rich painted surface this app is unsurpassed. With a wide range of Oil Paint Brushes, Palette Knives and the wacky Paint Tube Tool, you can pile up paint and create a rich variety of surface markings.

Below is a painting using the Paint Tube Tool almost exclusively. The strokes you see were completed with this tool set at the largest width – 100%. Because this file size is very large, 7200 x 9600, the Paint Tube strokes appear quite small. In the two examples below this, the strokes appear as they would in a smaller file size about 1024 x 768.

Below is an extreme close up of this painting.  Notice the tubular structure of the digital paint as it appears to ooze from a squeezed paint tube. You can apply the strokes any way you like. I chose to create a very active surface by leaving spaces between the strokes for a loose weave textural effect. As seen here, these strokes approximate the size you will get when setting the tool to about 50% on a file size of about 1024 x 768.

In the example below you can see a web of strokes put down with the Paint Tube Tool in a herringbone pattern. The width was set to 50%. With the Hard Smudge Palette Knife I have made a zigzag trail through the soft paint beneath. Notice the interesting cast shadow effect. Below this is a trail made using the Thick Gloss Oil Paint Brush. What remains is a trail looking like it was painted with a rough bristle brush. The lower patch was also made with the same brush applied in parallel strokes to give a more smoothed out effect. This is an excellent way to lay on a paint ground for starting a painting. Cover the entire surface of the painting with the Paint Tube Tool and then smooth it out to whatever degree of smoothness or coarseness you wish.

The word powerful has been used to the max to describe each new innovation that has appeared on the utility software scene since the beginning of internet time. However, without reservation, I endorse ArtRage as being among the top ranking of those powerful tools. I encourage you to give it a spin and I would be pleased to see your results!

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  1. Jon W · March 31, 2015

    Thanks for your post. I think the technique you’ve used is really interesting. I liked your painting too.

  2. clyde · April 1, 2015

    Thanks for your visit and comment, Jon!

    Media exploration is like outer space….endless, isn’t it? In any medium!