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Color Harmony In Painting

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  • On 9th April 2015

Creating Color Harmony In A Painting Imprimatura, meaning “first paint layer”, has been a means of beginning paintings since the early Renaissance and particularly in Italy. The purpose of the Imprimatura is threefold. First, the wet ground of paint influences all additional colors worked into it with the brush. This is helpful for us to begin…

SketchBlock App

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  • On 3rd April 2015

SketchBlock App Delivers Digital Paint Out of a welter of digital drawing and painting apps I have just discovered another – and a very good one. SketchBlock  by Nguyen Tan Hon-Hu has been available since 2013. Woe be it that I am seldom in the vanguard of all that’s new on the digital software scene. That…

ArtRage Antics

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  • On 29th March 2015

Some ArtRageous Behavior! I have often sung the praises of ArtRage. For artists interested in achieving a rich painted surface this app is unsurpassed. With a wide range of Oil Paint Brushes, Palette Knives and the wacky Paint Tube Tool, you can pile up paint and create a rich variety of surface markings. Below is…

Sketch Club App For Mobile Devices

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  • On 26th March 2015

Importing Textured Canvas – Vector Tool – Procedural Tool Importing Textured Canvas I am always looking for new ways to add texture and surface excitement to my digital paintings. ArtRage is an app which I like very much and frequently use for its excellent paint-laden brush tools. The pasty surface qualities of ArtRage are unsurpassed…

Notes On Digital Process

Notes On Digital Process

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  • On 21st March 2015

Working From Life And Imagination I often get asked if I work from life. That is, from a tangible subject set before me. The answer is both yes and no depending on my mood at the moment. Sometimes I like to generate imagery in a doodle-like fashion drawing lines and forms out of my head….

Digital Artist Jeremy Sutton

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  • On 18th March 2015

I’ve been working the past few weeks like crazy building and tweeking my new website and blog. Now that it’s done, I’m easing my way back into image making once again. Whenever I take a pause from drawing or painting for a considerable period of time, I always find difficulty in starting in again. Sometimes…

Welcome To My Digital Art Blog

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  • On 12th March 2015

I am excited to post my first blog post on this happy occasion of announcing my new website and blog. Phew! I’ve been working hard for weeks getting everything together and now it’s finally done. When I first had the idea of having a website, I just expected that it would all snap together with…